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    A place a couple of friends and I decided to visit as a spur-of-the-moment type thing. Bad idea.

    First, we were told that we would have to pay for the dinner menu (like $15 average more expensive than the lunch menu) because we were 3 minutes over the time limit for the lunch menu. It was like 3:30pm.

    That aside, the food was alright I guess, pretty decent. We ordered some bibimbap as that was pretty much the only vegetarian/pescetarian friendly item on the menu (which was lacking in a lot of variety). It came with all the side dishes which was good, too.

    However, the one thing that can completely ruin a restaurant for me is the hospitality. Of which, there was absolutely none. Our waiter was rude, consistently absent (the place was 80% empty, so it’s not like he was altogether that busy), especially when we needed water refills. After eating, we couldn’t find a single staff member for like 15 minutes in order to flag down for the bill, which they were completely unwilling to split.

    My advice, don’t go. There are plenty of other very good restaurants in the area.

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