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    There is a small Korean food place in Citifield next time you go to the Mets game. We always get the Korean fried chicken (spicy, although they offer non spicy too). It’s decent. It woudn’t stand up to BonChon or KyoChon, but they are decent considering they have no competition. They also have a banchan/namul bar and will give you a bowl of rice and allow you to chose the banchan, kind of like bimbimbap. This is my assumption since I’ve never ordered it but it looks good. This is basically the healthy option. However, I suggest you just get two large orders of the chicken, extra spicy and lots of beer. If you are nice to the lady she might feel inclined to give you some samples of from the banchan/namul bar. This only happened to me once but it was very nice of her. There may be some other options (I’m thinking bul go ki dup bap, but I can’t remember). Suffice it to say, there will be something to eat while you watch the Mets. It’s also better than food offered in chamshil stadium when we went to see the Twins. They ran out of hot dogs and all the food came from GS25 or other chain restaurants.

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