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    hi everybody

    i’m Hannah, 28 years old all the way from Philippines. i’m a housewife with 2 kids, all daughters ages 9 and 6. my husband is 30 and he’s a seaman and their ship travels to Japan, Korea and China. it’s been 4 years since i was hooked in Korean foods and Korean dramas/movies and culture. at first it all started when i was watching a random Korean drama online then i was so jealous watching the movie where the actors/actress were eating their food. in their looks it seems like it was very delicious so i was thinking maybe their food is really tasty and i want to taste all of it and their food is really colorful and delicious so i became interested in Korean food. but i was so unlucky because of where i live there’s nothing near Korean store or even Korean restaurant. one time when my husband is onboard and working their chief cook was making some kimchi because their ship captain, chief mate, chief engineer are all Koreans and they requested to the chief cook to make some kimchi. my husband that time is a messman which is he assist the chief cook in the kitchen. but when my husband tasted it he told me he doesn’t like it and it has an acquired taste. but still i was not discourage of what he was told me i’m still hooked in Korean dishes and want to taste it even more i just keep watching some videos on youtube of all different street foods in Korea. one day my half cousin visits me last December 2015 and bought me some kimchi because his half sister married a korean businessmen which is by the way he live in other city 2 hours away from my city. my half cousin told me “hey i have kimchi here would you like some?” i was so excited that time when i heard him talked about kimchi because it would be my fist time tasting it. its been like 4 years or less that i’ve waited to taste some Korean food especially kimchi. at first when i smelled the kimchi the smell was very unusual to me then i taste it and wow i really love it! i love love love spicy foods. it’s spicy, sour, and different i can’t explain it, all i know is i love kimchi even if it was my first time. he gave my half of his kimchi and i keep it in my refrigerator and have it during meals. i keep telling my half cousin if he visits me again i want him to bring me more kimchi. but it doesn’t happen because he worked in other city which is far from where i live. from then on i wanted to learn how to cook some Korean dishes but most of the ingredients are not available here in my city. Korean food here is not that famous. i was so jealous of my husband because he always go to Korea this is his third time traveling there last April 10, 2016. i keep asking him to buy me some Korean foods and Korean ingredients especially black bean paste, hot pepper flakes and hot pepper paste. but he never had the chance to buy one because they were not allowed to go down to port because of so many work to do because he has different job now he got promoted he doesn’t work in the kitchen anymore and their captain is very strict and the stores/market are very far from their port it would be very difficult for him to buy those in a short period of time because their ship doesn’t stay long in the port. his second time in Korea with his crew members they were fetched by the agent at the airport in Incheon, Korea. they go first to a restaurant to eat lunch then after eating they go to their ship onboard. he took the picture of their food and he send it to me though facebook because he knows how much interested i am in Korean food. still even though i haven’t tasted any except kimchi i was happy for my husband because one of us has the chance to experience eating their food. it was last week when i saw Maangchi’s video in youtube it was in the pile of random videos while i was watching some korean street foods. from then on i subscribed to her because i was so amazed how easy to make Korean dishes. for how many years i’ve been watching all the videos of Korean foods but none of them which i saw was a step by step process on how to make it. if only i have the important main ingredients here maybe i’ve made lots of Maangchi’s recipe. i also joined in this website because i never loose hope because i know one day when i had a chance and find a Korean store i will buy some of the ingredients so i can make it here at home. it’s not just the food i’m interested in Korea but also their language and culture. i learned a little simple words in Korean. Korean language is very difficult to study especially on how to put those words in a sentence. maybe in my past life i was a Korean, i don’t know. i even wonder why i am so interested about Korea. until now i watch Korean dramas everyday i have unlimited movies to watch online. every time before i go to sleep i watch couple of videos of Maangchi on my cellphone. like Maangchi i really, really love food. if i want to eat something and i don’t know how to make it i just watch youtube and follow how to cook the dishes. for now only Korean foods is impossible for me to make because of the ingredients. there’s no way i can buy it here in my city but still i don’t loose hope because i know one day, i may not taste it all but i will taste most of it, in God’s Time. i have attached some pictures of me and my husband and the food he took pictures while he was in Incheon last April 08, 2015.



    Hi ate hahaha I am 16 years old also from Iligan and dako jd kaayog help si maangchi. And nagbuhat kog kimchi gahapon lang after 2 weeks pa nako to abrehan para mas lami hahaha. Ang uban btaw na recipes ate kay mabuhat ra nmo dayon mangita lang jd ka sa ingredients. So far saakng natan awan ang fk mart pajd ang barato then naa jd silay mga baligya sa gawas ba like thailand, japan, korea, malaysia. Visit lang ddto ate then pagtan aw2 naa gani silay ramen hehehe



    Hello! I am also from Iligan and love to cook asian cuisine. I am a bit frustrated with the availability of ingredients that I often use when I cook. One of my favourite recipe is Mesu soup hot pot. I found most of the ingredients like Kimchi in Rustans CDO but can’t find any Mesu paste or Mesu mix from any of the stores I went to in Iligan and Cagayan.

    Basin kabalo mo asa makapalit would appreciate it if you can point me to the store in either Iligan or Cagayan de Oro.

    Kind Regards,


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