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    hello maangchi, and to everyone at maangchi’s forum.

    i guess i should introduce myself. i’m a hubby and a dad of a wonderful 5 year old son, and a broadcast engineer for the cbs television network in nyc.

    a few years ago, a good friend took me to a korean bbq place near where i live in northern new jersey, and i’ve been hooked on korean food ever since. i turned my wife on to it, and it ended up being the thing she craved when she was pregnant with our son, so we had it every week for those glorious nine months ( i doubt my wife would call them glorious, though…lol).

    since then, i regularly stop off at a fantastic korean market on my way home from work, and load up on various kinds of seaweed and kimchee, and many other korean delights. everything but the kimchee is enjoyed by my family.

    i have fond memories of my dad hiding salty things like peanuts and pretzels from my mom (he wasn’t supposed to have salt), and now i hide the kimchee from dw. it ain’t as easy, i can tell you that…

    ok, so , that’s me. i’m looking forward to reading over the site, and finally learning to make many of the dishes that i’ve enjoyed in korean restaurants and shops.

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