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      Hi everyone,

      I’m a SAHM with 1 kid, living in Singapore.

      I fall in love with Korean food until I has try the rice cake skewered. I love the hot pepper paste despite I am not so much a chillies lover.

      In Singapore, most people love to add chillies to their food as much as they like to eat durian. I think I am to odd one out.

      Beside the rice cake, another one I wish to learn is “Kkochi” (excuse me, if I’ve got the wrong spelling). It is a chicken meat on skewered coated with honey mustard sauce.

      Have a nice day!

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      I just wanted to say HI and welcome. I am a newbie myself. I have always wanted to visit Singapore and heard it’s a wonderful place. The only Singapore dish I know is Singapore fried noodles. Maybe you know a good Singapore receipe site?


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      Hello portlandmommy,

      Nice to know you.

      Actually, there isn’t any “Singapore recipe site” but there are plenty of website about where to eat + customer rating, for example the makansutra. The word makan is a Malay word means “to eat”. http://www.makansutra.com/index.php

      Or food blog like below:


      Chicken Rice


      Hotplate Tofu


      If you have the chance to visit Singapore, you must try the chilli crab, recipe here:-


      It is really very yummy. Pepper crab is another popular choice too.

      Talking about “Fried noodles”, the Seletar Hill restaurant is my ultimate choice whenever my family want to eat fried noodles. It is a Sichuan Chinese Restaurant but they have started take-out service so we just order and pick it up on our way home. Good food and great service. Oh, they have a website now…http://seletarhill.com/

      Feel free to contact me if you have any query…I’m glad to know you and tomorrow I will be cooking “skewered korean rice cake” for my family gathering. I look forward to it.

      Take care and with best regards,



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      Thanks for the interesting sites. The only food I have eaten from your links is the Chicken Rice w/ Ginger dipping sauce. It’s very yummy. We eat it all the time with my mom when we’re in San Francisco but I have not found any in Portland. We’re a bit starved when it comes to good Asian food here LOL :)

      Love your blog. Cute little boy you have. I have never blogged before but thinking of starting. My boy is 15 months and keeps my hands full.

      I hope your skewered korean rice cake turned out great. My kimchee turned out pretty good. It was the best I have ever made but next time I will try to mellow out on the pepper paste. My husband said he had fire coming out of both ends and we have enough kim chee now to last through the winter :) haha..

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