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    Hello from Florida!
    I am Korean girl studying in Tallahassee, Florida.
    I came to Florida last August for my Ph.D. studying.
    Korean foods are my root and healing points so I could not give up cooking Korean dishes.
    I cook Korean dishes almost everyday but the ingredients in the U.S. (especially in Tallahassee!!) seemed limited!
    So I started searching videos on cooking Korean foods made in the U.S.A. I watched many cooking videos but Maangchi’s videos were one of the best!
    Most of all, she is so funny!!!!!:)
    I am 35 years old in Korean age but I could totally understand her humors!!!
    And She uses ingredients made in the U.S.A. (Perfectly fit in my purpose)
    Finally, they are easy to follow!While watching her videos, I became confident to follow her recipes!
    I am looking forward to learning new recipes and sharing my cooking world with Maangchi and you guys!

    Thank you!


    P.S. 감사합니다!! 유튜브 동영상 보면서 힐링도 되고 요리도 배우고 그랬는데 이 커뮤니티는 더 좋으네요!!!ㅎ
    종종 찾아올게요!ㅎ

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    Great! I see a lot of new friends here. You are welcome!

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    Thank you! Happy to find this place! I am so excited!:)

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