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      Hi, I am totally in love with the Korean culture and food. I’ve spent the last year learning To read, write and speak Hangul. Mid Oct to mid Nov of 2018 was spent traveling the length of S Korea. I’ve been cooking as much Korean food as I can get my hands on the ingredience for. We invited the entire neighborhood over for a Korean New Year’s soup night. We made Galbitang and Gingsen Chicken soup complete with sides, Soju and JuJube tea. I am currently making Fermented Bean Paste… old school… see Maangchi’s video on it. Hope to hear from others on how they sourced hard to find ingredients. I just ordered an Onggi Fermenting pot from ekitchenary.com fairly reasonably if anyone needs one. My 메주 blocks are at the turn every 3 hours day two stage.

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