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    I just bought the CUCKOO rice cooker. I think it’s the latest one. It’s the Fuzzy Series CRP-HL10. The purple one with the flowers on the top. I’ve ordered mine from because it has the buttons in english.

    So I read the manual and I’m confused on how to use it because there are so many features. There are different options that you can pick to cook the rice. For example: glutinous, mixed/brown, gaba, sushi and etc. I don’t know which I’m supposed to pick if I’m just cooking regular white rice (NOT korean white rice) from the regular supermarket. Also, if I’m cooking korean white rice, I don’t know which option to pick. I don’t like my rice too sticky. I like how they make the rice at the korean restuarants in NYC near 34th st. The other thing is that if the rice is done cooking, am I supposed to just leave it like that until I finish the rice? And after the rice is done cooking, it goes into warming mode but there’s a number that keeps going up by the hour I think, what does that mean? I also don’t know how to turn the rice cooker off so that I can clean the pot after I’m done with the rice. HELP. I couldn’t find a customer service number either.



    If you are cooking regular white rice, the sushi rice option should be okay. For Korean white rice, use the sushi rice option as well – sushi rice = korean white rice. If you don’t like it too sticky, use a bit less water than indicated. After you cook the rice, you may leave it in the rice cooker for as long as you want but it is recommended that you eat it withint 2-3 days. Or else, the rice will start changing colors and will start to taste bad.

    I think the number that goes up by the hour is indicating how many hours it has been since the rice has been fully cooked. At least that’s what my rice cooker does.. lol. There isnt really a way to “turn a rice cooker off”. You just pull the plug after it has been used and clean it. Hope that helped a bit..

    Tell me if you have any more questions!



    oh thank you so much!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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