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    Hi, I’m Lyn from Singapore. I’m a SAHM of 2 girls, 10yrs and 6yrs. I love to cook and shows great interest in trying out new dishes. Whenever I cooked a new dish for my family to try and they like it, I feel so happy and contented. Recently just found a new interest in bento-ing and still learning that’s why I started blogging and made a lot of new friends of the same interest :)

    I came to know about Korean food during the period of time when I’m crazy over Korean Dramas which was about more than 6-7yrs back! the 1st Korean food that attracts me is the Bibimbap because of its vibrant colors and the way those Korean celebrities ate Bibimbap in the shows made me droops! LOL. Was wondering how it taste like until a day when I saw a Korean food stall in a food court with my family, I ordered without hesitating. YUMMY! It was really good! All of us like it so much! My elder girl can finish almost everything all by herself! From then on, whenever we had meals in a food court, I’ll sure look for the Korean stall. I love the kimchi, ginseng chicken soup and the beef too!

    I just cooked my own Bibimbap few weeks ago when I saw the supermarket launching out new Korean products. After that I found Maagchi’s blog, ALL ABOUT KOREAN FOOD & RECIPES! Hooray! I can cook more Korean food now! :D

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