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      I spent a year in Korea teaching, and was actually was teary-eyed when I left.the people, the landscape, the food, the everything! Koreans are my favorite Asians for many reasons. I have missed kimchi for years (after two years in Thailand, and tried store bought Chinese jarred kimchi–yuck–no respectable Korean would throw at a dog), then this year in the Philippines (same dog weapons-grade Chinese sludge)and finally found this site and am making my own. I especially like the fermented cabbage and radish styles. Most importantly, I have mild hepatic encaphalopothy, and probiotics are a very good treatment. I read that kimchi has more than four times the probiotics found in commercial yogurt, which is actually medical grade by any standard! Long live the kimchi eaters!

      In my time in Korea, I tried literally hundreds of types of kimch, even one for stomach problems called (in translation)”water kimchi” I would love to see a recipe for it. Thanks Maangchi!!

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      My neighbour just made a batch of kimchi last week and she brought me some in a plastic container. My wife and I ate it as soon as we got it because we were so excited to have home made kimchi. It’s really salty and the doesn’t have much flavour (like the sourness). Even the chilies are a bit lacking. I’ve actually had it at her place before and remember it was delcious! I don’t know what happened to this one. Does anyone know if it needs to sit and ripen in the fridge for a while before we eat it? It’s kinda making my fridge smell…

      As much as I like the street food in Korea Here are my favorites: http://iloveeslkorea.com/5-street-foods-you-must-try-before-leaving-korea/, I really love sitting down with a pot of white rice, seaweed, and spicy kimchi.

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      Miss Kim78

      You are lucky, Freddy. I’m picky about Kimchi, and only like to indulge in delicious ones. But I have come across so many Kimchi’s that were gross. For some reason, there are too many restaurants I’ve been to that sell bad Kimchi. I think that would make some people (especially those that have never tasted Kimchi before) get a bad impression of Kimchi. One of my friends said he judges a Korean restaurant by the way their Kimchi tastes. I see some truth to that, though I have seen many places that serve other dishes that are fabulous, but ruins the experience with bad tasting Kimchi.

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