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    My name is Dave. I just retired, I have been in love with food and cooking all my life, and I have been known to dip into the kimchi jar in the middle of the night for a “fix”. From several rooms away I often hear my wife ask “are you eating kimchi again?”.

    I live on the northwest edge of Chicago, a few minutes drive from both the Super H-Mart korean supermarket and the ASSI Korean supermarket. I have been known to spend hours and hours in each one of them examining every package of the unique products of Korea and other Asian countries. Among all Asian foods, however, I prize Korean above all others. My discovery took place in my early twenties when Korean food was a rarity in Chicago. Now my refrigerator is crammed with all kinds of side dishes and condiments. Because the variety of already made kimchi is so staggering at my local stores I have not made my own yet. All I need is a little push from one of you out there to give it a try.

    The most unusual place I have ever eaten Korean food was with some Korean friends in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    Best regards to all,




    Hi Dave,

    Kimchi addiction is very serious so you must learn to make it yourself so that you will always have some ready to eat when ever the desire hits.

    The last batch of kimchi I made, I used maangchis new recipe that she posted recently. It was one of the best kimchi that I have tried. It is so very easy to make. But, I did not use the squid because I don’t like it.

    You have the korean supermarket close to you so you should be able to find everything that you will need to try maangchi’s excellent recipe.

    Good luck with your serious kimchi addiction!

    Easy kimchi


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