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      Hi Maangchi!

      You know I have been a big fan of Korean food for several years now and you know that I love to introduce people to Korean food! So since I have always told my family about your recipes and how they got me to start cooking Korean food, they wanted me to cook a Korean dinner during this Thanksgiving holiday when everyone was together! Since both my brother’s families try to eat healthy and one of them likes to eat organic and gluten free, I knew exactly what to make for them.

      So as I am not the best planner in the world and also, we were busy taking the kids to the zoo earlier in the day, my meal was not super impressive however, it was very well received by my family who has very little exposure to Korean food. I decided to make Beef & Radish Soup and Kimbap. We also had my youngest brother’s homemade Kimchi. Yes~ my little brother makes Kimchi! And I had the family help me make the Kimbap! Everyone helped including my mom & dad, my brothers & their wives and all the nieces and nephews! We all watched your video and then I demonstrated how it should be done. Everyone had a great time! In fact, my middle brother from Missouri suggested I might even try cooking Korean food for their families out west the next time I visit!

      As always, I am thankful that you share your recipes and experiences with us, your readers, fans and friends!

      Your friend,

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