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    I found this website while browsing for Korean recipes. What an excellent site!

    I’m in Northern New Jersey, USA. I visit some good friends in Daegu, South Korea, pretty much every year; in fact, I just got back from there about a week ago.

    It seems to me that some of the most common Korean dishes are a bit different in Daegu than in Seoul (and in the Korean restaurants in Northern New Jersey and Manhattan). For example, the cabbage kimchi in Daegu almost never has any visible vegetable ingredient other than cabbage (no green onions, radish, etc.). And what they call “bulgogi” in Daegu is a type of beef noodle soup that cooks on the table in front of you – strips of beef, clear noodles and lots of vegetables, especially different types of mushrooms. If you want what the Korean restaurants in NYC call “bulgogi”, you have to order kalbi. ;~)

    I look forward to sharing cooking/gardening information with all of you… and to Maangchi, I’d just like to say thank you for hosting this fine website. ;~)

    Best to all, Howard

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