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      I’ve been making kimchi monthly for over a year now and I’ve always used a large glass jar to pack my cabbages into, but now I’m getting tired of my garage fridge (and the soda cans and water bottles in it lol) smelling like kimchi, does any one have any suggestions of containers I could use that would keep that lovely garlicky smell out of my fridge lol?

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      Hey Brian.

      My mother recommends grinding up fresh coffee beans, putting them on a plate or cup and putting it in the fridge. This will suck up alot of the kimchi smell and extra moisture. Change the coffee every month or even better – every few weeks. Tell me how that works out for you Brian.

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      Who woulda thunk…..a Kimchi Refrigerator

      Maybe if I will the lottery…. LOL

      Samsung 4.7 Cu. Ft. Kimchi Refrigerator

      Owner’s manual

      Product Features

      4.7 cu. ft. capacity

      Including 3.2 cu. ft. of dedicated kimchi storage provides plenty of space for keeping food organized.

      5-way direct cooling system

      Keeps kimchi, vegetables, fruit, dried fish, beverages and rice stored at a cool temperature.

      Fermentation levels for kimchi

      Include 3 levels of fermentation for cabbage kimchi, 2 levels for radish kimchi and 2 levels for water kimchi. Fermentation time indicator.

      Nano Pore Deodorizer system

      Eliminates odors from stored food.

      Convertible freezer storage

      For storing food at temperatures as low as -0.4°.

      Automatic No Frost function

      Eliminates freezer burn and moisture buildup so food lasts longer.

      Exterior color LED dual display

      Allows you to easily monitor the settings.

      Easy Clean gasket

      Operates smoothly and doesn’t require cleaning.

      Child lock

      Prevents unsupervised use.

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      @ Koralex90, thank you so much im going to try it right now I’ll let you know how iy goes!!

      @dleehall thank you, but I dont really wanna spend that much money on a kimchi fridge, maybe when i marry rich lol ;)

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      i heard about that coffee thing too. it didnt work for me, but good luck to you.

      we have a kimchi fridge btw and a gizmo that scans the fermentation of kimchi.

      keep in mind that generations of koreans fought with that problem and while our ancestors came up with the idea of keeping it outside of the house, with all our technology today, all we could came up with was to buy a separate fridge.

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      At home we have a kimchi fridge.

      When I am in hotels I just live with it.

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      What my mom taught me is to wrap the whole thing in clear plastic foil (on top of the lid). It’s an extra step when you’re getting your kimchi, but hey, it works! (Just keep reusing it until it gets un-sticky, and then use new stuff)

      I was kind of skeptical, but my fridge def smells like… a fridge! :)

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      I tried the coffee thing and it really worked it neutralized the smell form my last jar of kimchi. I just finished fermenting this new batch so im gonna wrap the plastic containers of it right now, thank you guys SO MUCH for your help!!

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      Great to hear it worked Brian! I’m glad that your fridge doesnt stink anymore! Good Day Brian! :)

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      I keep my kimchi in a double-plastic bag (each tied separately) and then sealed in whatever storage container’s handy (usually something like a lock-and-lock, with the rubber gasket in the lid & tabs on the sides). As long as I keep the outer bag and the storage container clean, I don’t get a kimchi smell.

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      One day I plan on getting a kimchi fridge, but not anytime soon. Short on space and short on $$$. LoL

      In the meantime, I keep Arm and Hammer stocks healthy. One box in the fridge and one in the freezer (where for some reason the kimchi smells seems to permeate as well) and change out regularly.

      The sodas and stuff I can live with. A bit embarassing with guests, but do-able. It’s the milk that drives me nuts because the flavor actually gets inside and into the milk. Kimchi flavored Earl Grey is NOT yummy.

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      If you keep your kimchi in sealed containers like a glass tupperware box, there should be no problems with smell. Also, it is important to wipe off any kimchi residue outside the container that may result from handling.

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      You might also try activated charcoal. It is used in fish tank filters (and I imagine there are other uses) and can be purchased anywhere fish tank supplies are found. I bought some in little bags that can be tossed into the fridge. When it was time to replace them (over a year later) my husband found a container that looked like, and was the same size as a milk carton. The fellow at the store showed him these mesh bags that are used in fish tanks to hold the activated charcoal. The idea is to throw away the used charcoal and then refill the bags. Much cheaper than buying the prefilled bags.

      I stayed in a hotel recently, and had some leftover kimchi soup that my daughter and I had gotten at a korean restaurant. The next morning I opened the fridge – and OH MY GOODNESS – I was afraid of leaving the hotel and having everyone wonder what on earth I had done to their refrigerator. I called my daughter and had her pick up the activated charcoal from a local


      We took the kimchi soup out and put two bags of activated charcoal in. By that evening the smell was completely gone.

      When at home I put my kimchi in Zip top freezer bags, then put them in the lock top plastic containers. I don’t usually have too much trouble with the smell then, unless, as tastingkorea noted, sauce residue is left outside the bag or container.

      Good luck! You might consider this – often college students purchase small refrigerators for their dorm rooms. I discovered that they often sell them super cheap, or just give them away when they are leaving school at the end of the year – often they cannot transport them home. If you can get your hands on one of those bargains you can have a kimchi fridge with room for your beer or soda to boot!

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      A neighbor gifted me a plastic bag of Kimchi. It was a sweet gesture, but I had no idea what I was in for! Finally, I tried essential oils – lemon to be specific. Took care of the smell within the hour!

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      I put mine in a mason jar with band lid, then put the jar inside a gallon ziplock bag and that took care of it in my case. The only time you’d smell it is if you spill some on the jar or get something in the seal of the lid, but otherwise the lids work well. Just like canned food in mason jars is sealed and there’s no odor.

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      I’ve resorted to a separate refrigerator. Since Kimchi ferments, it out gasses. It’s not really possible to contain all that pressure. Mine is about twice the height of typical mini fridge.

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