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    hello, I really like your food channel! I am wondering if you can upload one how to make “keranjjim”. I am not sure if I spell it right but it’s basically korean steam egg. They usually give us this whenever I go to Korean restaurant as a free dish but I never feel that I have enough keranjjim and the restaurant won’t let me order because they don’t charge it and it makes me feel bad if I ask for more. :) It’d be great if you can show us how to make one.. :) thanks a lot!



    Most Gyeran Jjim 계란찜 searved as an extra in Korean restaurants is made on the stove top. It is very easy to make. For salt you can use almost anything salty salt, anchovie sauce or salted shrimp. My wife preferes anchovie sauce. To get a really nice texture you can steam it.

    For the stove top.

    Steamed meathod.



    powerplantop, thank you very much for the steamed egg recipe. I tried it in the microwave 1st but it came out a bit dry. The steaming method works for me:)



    Rolled omelette side dish (Gyeranmari)

    Maangchi did a gyeranjjim recipe! check it out!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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