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      Hi, My Kimchi has been fermenting in a large container which I have placed in the conservatory of the house since it won’t fit in my fridge and it should be cool enough. When I went to get some I found out it was mouldy! Any ideas how it happened? Not cool enough maybe? Or the paste too watery? I added some water because I thought the mixture was a bit too thick.

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      Hi, neogeo1990,

      You should be careful not to get any water on your cabbage after draining it.

      When you keep it in the refrigerator, press the top of the kimchi down with your hand or spatula so that air doesn’t come into the kimchi.

      If your top layer of kimchi looks greyish, then remove the top layer and turn it over to let your all kimchi get wet with kimchi juice. Then it will never go bad.

      Of course you will have to keep it in the refrigerator right after it’s fermented.

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      Thank you Maangchi is verry helpfoll i have a oder question what kind of plastic box do you use?
      this one is good or not
      or this one is juste inof

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