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    I would like to start by saying thank you to Maangchi for all her videos and her time, effort she has put in to bring Korean food and culture to me and others around the world… so Thank You

    Ok I am hooked of Korean food I love to cook all kinds of food but for the most part I go out to Kimchi Hana in South Plainfield NJ Kimch Hana has been in town for at least 16 years and in my opion by far the best Korean BBQ around. I think it’s because of the real lump charcoal that they use (most places have electric of gas BBQ tables) No one ever brags about that real propane flavor :)

    Kimchi Hana has a Sushi Bar that I also visit at least twice/3-times a week this is a busy restaurant so I know that I will always be getting nothing but the freshest fish. Huge platters of sashimi fly out to the party rooms and BBQ tables all night long

    Kimchi Hana does not sell alcohol but offers BYOB service (so you will save $$$$) a liquor store is just steps away

    I have made friends with the staff over the past year or so. We have gone out as a group to other BBQ spots and ever to a place in Palisade Park for LIVE Octopus

    Anyone in the area who wants to give Kimchi Hana a try Tell Mr. Hong ( The Sushi Chef) that David told you about Kimch Hana on the internet

    I might be there

    Hope to see ya

    David Hall

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