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    Lately I have really been craving Kimchi on toast… in fact I had it with dinner last night and for breakfast this morning! ^_^ I find its so relaxing, the slight crunch and spiciness on a thin piece of toast…

    Who else likes this sort of thing for breakfast?



    I love kimchi on toast! I sneak into the fridge to snack on kimchi, then when it gets too hot on it’s own my toast is ready. i always use butter on hot toast, then the kimchi on top of that.



    my husband grew up in Japan (his dad was navy) and he has always loved kimchi. i cannot WAIT to try this!!! maybe if i make this for him, he’ll let me cook sauerkraut in the house Buy prozac




    Try Fried Kimchi toppled on with Mozzarella.

    Bagels will give you an almost perfect base.

    Adding some roasted or fried Gim flakes are going to be good too.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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