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      Hi everyone,

      I love Kimchi and I love soup.
      Recently I started making the tuna soup which is very easy to prepare with the good sour leftovers of my beloved Kimchi.
      I was thinking of making other kinds of soups and realized that there are no limitations in starting any kind of soup consisting of a good Kimchi base.
      Now….my question….lets talk soups and …drinks. I usualy mix my soup after a day ot two. I never tried this with Kimchi soup and was wondering if anyone has tried this before.
      Mixed vegetable soup can be used as a drink too when cold, I love tomato juice and other vegetable drinks, so why not try a cold mixed Kimchi soup as a drink.
      I love to infect Kimchi into all my dishes, my friends got infected too, its so much fun!

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      Iris W

      Never tried it as a drink but you should experiment it and tell us how did it go.

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