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    Not too long ago, I messaged Maangchi and told her about how I make kimchi here in West Virginia. She just messaged me back and suggested that I share my information with the community here. I have to say, in my opinion, it's an odd recipe for kimchi.

    About 5 pounds of green cabbage, cut into about 1 inch chunks
    2 onions, cut into large pieces
    12 cloves garlic, minced
    4 bell peppers cut into one inch by 1/4th inch strips, any color will do. I used orange, yellow and red.
    About 8oz red pepper powder – Unless I order online, flakes are impossible to get around here.
    A little bit of vinegar – I used to speed up the souring process. Maangchi told me to skip it next time to see how it turns out, and I plan on doing so.
    8oz can of anchovies.. That's right. Anchovies. I had to get these with a pizza order (they sell cans separate if you ask) I used the oil as a substitute for fish sauce and the meat itself as a substitute for squid, or other meat that you might want to use. I diced the anchovies up.
    Oh, and a small package of baby carrots, diced.

    To make the red pepper sauce, I combined the powder with the vinegar and entire can of anchovies, and mixed until it was an even consistency. Then, all of that got poured onto the cabbage and mixed evenly.

    Fresh, it was already incredibly delicious. Now, about a week later, I can't even begin to explain how good it is. It is also incredibly spice. It is so spicy that I'm the only one around here who can even stand the smell of the heat – much less taste it.

    If anyone knows where I can find authentic Korean ingredients in the Charleston, WV area, let me know. I would love to try this with the real deal instead of having to make things up as I go.

    I'll enclose a picture of it. If you see the big chunk of anchovy, rest assured that didn't last long after the picture. I would dig in to the kimchi itself if I didn't just eat breakfast.

    Little tidbit of information about me and my obsession with spicy food – we have a chicken wing joint called Quaker Steak and Lube here, which has places nationwide. They are renowned for having a wing sauce so hot, you have to sign a medical release form to eat anything with it. I can handle it without breaking a sweat. I just love spicy food with a passion.



    Other than the vinegar it sounds good. But without salting the cabbage it will get mushy. That just means you have to eat it faster.

    In Korea is is common to see anchovies, shrimp and other small fish sold in a salt brine. These get used in making kimchi.

    You could check this place: Asian Market 226 7th Avenue, South Charleston, WV from Googles street view it looks Chinese but lots of small town Asian stores carry a bit of everything including fish sauce from vietnam The one in my home town does.

    Its not close but: Liberty Korean Market Alleghany Avenue Lynchburg, VA 24501‎



    Uh oh, I forgot to mention that I did salt the cabbage :)

    It’s a good two weeks old now and the cabbage is still nice and crunchy, but very sour (which is the way I like it) and tastes a lot more spicy than when it was fresh.

    I might have to check that place out, I know there’s a few differences between Chinese and Korean cooking, but the ingredients are usually quite similar.

    Lynchburg is a good 4 hour drive from me, plus it’s in a place I have no reason to go to. I’ll have to research for ones between Charleston, WV and Cleveland, Ohio. I have reasons to go to Cleveland on occasion (family) Or I could even have them pick stuff up and bring it down to me. Until then, I’ll continue to improvise.. Though I am hoping I can find rice flour soon, to make those delicious looking cakes Maangchi makes.. Especially the Baekseolgiddeok from the most recent video.



    I suspect the Chinese market will have rice flour. Most Asian markets carry it. Some times it is in a box, sometimes it is in a plastic bag.

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