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    can someone tell me when do korean people start introduce their children eating kim chi, spicy food?



    For me it was at a very early age. But my mom would dip the kimchi in water so there were almost no red pepper powder on the kimchi and give it to me. That way it isnt spicy but children can still eat kimchi.

    If you want to make ur child eat a kimchi dish, wash kimchi out in water a few times and then cook/serve it.



    thanks koralex90, I will try that.



    Any ideas for lunches for school? My son is in Middle School. Something nutritious and tasty.


    Joyce Yu

    Hi Kathryn! Maangchi’s Samgakkimbap is the best for kids. You can use other ingredients with it such as, ham, spam, turkey, furikake, smoked salmon or anything else you think your kids will like.



    Don’t send the child to school with something he/she hasn’t

    already eaten. Why are you asking people who haven’t met your child what to send for lunch? Ask your child! Offer something he/she likes already! No surprises! Giving your kid some weird new thing that he/she doesn’t know, and that the other kids are going to make fun of is no benefit to you or the kid. Be real, no matter how cool you want to be, and no matter how much you want to introduce this child to the international food scene, let the child do the choosing! Don’t make him/her suffer a lunch time crisis because you want to be cool! If your child already likes korean food, ask the child if and what he/she wants to take.

    Do I sound difficult? OK – my mom, Korean, didn’t offer unusual foods for lunch. My grandma, Norweigian, sent me with open faced cucumber sandwiches, and cute little smorgasbord offerings that everyone made fun of.

    ASK YOUR CHILD! Don’t send him/her to school with something unusual. They won’t appreciate it!



    Maangchi’s “do-shi-rak” box lunches are a sampling of what you can do. Japanese bento is all the rage now too. You can find hundreds of bento box pix and how-to’s on the web now – though many are for elementary-school aged aggies.

    A nutritious lunchbox would include a bean-rice mixture or kimbap, a protein like leftover bulgogi or teriyaki chicken or fried tofu. Boiled eggs are a typical lunchbox item. Make Maangchi’s Jang Jorim meat with boiled eggs for a tastier boiled egg.

    It would also include veggies. Maangchi’s side dishes for beans, spinach, potatoes, bean sprouts, eggplant – any of these would be tasty additions.

    For dessert include a variety of cut-up fruit.

    Your kid could be the cool guy in class with an Asian-inspired doshirak or bento, not to mention the healthiest eater as well!



    Thanks everyone for your great input! My son absolutely loves Asian food and of course Korean food (He’s Korean). But I asked for advice because I want to send him something he likes, something nutritious and yes, nothing unusual and noxious (smelly) that will cause him to be picked on.

    So thanks everyone for your advice-I welcome any other comments and or ideas!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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