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      Hello Maangchi Fans,

      My name is Daniel Gray and I'm wanted to let all the Korean Foodaholics that I have made an Korean Food iPod Dictionary Application. It has over 130 of Korea's most exciting foods and drinks are available in this application. Each food has a description and picture. In addition to the listing of food, there are recipes so you can make your own dishes at home. You can look for familiar dishes such as kimchi, sundubu and bulgogi or more unusual dishes such as silk worm larva (bundaeggi), Chicken in a Cola Cup (Cola Pop), Skate, or even live octopus (Sannakchi).

      Each Korean dish is searchable by category, taste, photo, or by name. It is searchable by Korean English Name or by the English Name.

      There is even a useful Korean phrases section and there are also Korean food recipes, so you can make your own dishes at home. The useful Korean Phrases section will help you can order food at Korean restaurants and indicate if you would like it prepared in a special way.

      You can download it from the itunes store here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/korean-food-dictionary/id368485615?mt=8#

      Created by O'ngo Food Communications, a culinary tour and food consulting company in Seoul Korea and by Daniel Gray, the creator of the popular blog: http://www.seouleats.com

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