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      just saw on a show that as a banchan or side dish , oysters were being eaten , are they RAW or STEAMED, or cooked somehow ? i was just wondering … also do any of you know what else you can put in the SSAM to add flavour aside from ssamjang, raw garlic, raw pepper.. thanks a lot , if you answer this !!!


      the below pic, was something that looks good , but i had more of a plate of oysters that can be wrapped and eaten in a SSAM :)


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      the oyster in the picture is RAW!!

      Koreans usually eat raw oysters with cho go chu jang source, or salted sesame oil(Gi rum jang, salt is put in the sesame oil.)

      the salt & sesame oil can be put into ssam when you make ssam with pork, or beef. And I usually add grilled garlic, onions(uncooked, pickled, or grilled, whatever lol), Pa jeoli(green onion, or leek salad).

      If you go to a Korean restaurant in Korea, Pa jeoli, or pickled onions usually are served as side dish, and people add it to ssam.

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      I’m living in Korea right now, and they serve them differently at different places. Sushi places will serve them raw with some hot sauce and lemon wedges, late night drinking areas tend to have a grill for you or steam them.

      Depends on the experience you’re looking for, both are great.

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