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      Looking to take a vegan out for Korean food in Los Angeles and need a temple cuisine, vegan or vegan friendly place. No fish sauce in the kimchi etc. Does anyone know of a place?

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      Stacey and MOM

      Hey Powerplantop!

      Check out Eko Eats.https://www.yelp.com/biz/eko-eats-los-angeles?osq=korean+vegan

      BTW, my mom and I make Vegan, gluten free, soy free, nut free, msg free Lotus Root Chips. We are available at Lassens and soon will be available in other supermarkets. Our chips sliced thin just like potato chips and have a mild and nutty flavor with a pinch of salt and hint of garlic. You can purchase via amazon! Enjoy the rest of your day!


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      Here are a few options:

      Beverly Soon Tofu has a vegetable soondubu that is made with a water/vegetable base. The only thing you would have to ask for is no egg and side dishes without fish. They will know.

      Mapo Kkak Doo Gee, Healthy Zone Jook Hyang and Ma Dang Gook Soo has konguksu (soy bean milk noodles).

      Young King Chinese Restaurant has GanJaJang (noodles with black bean sauce). It’s technically chinese-korean food. Number on the menu should be #129. Ask for no meat. It’s different than regular jajangmyeon because with ganjajang, the sauce is cooked separately so you can ask for no meat to make it vegan.

      Gogobop Korean Rice Bar has veggie and mayak kimbop.

      Genwa Korean BBQ has a vegetarian menu which I believe is mostly all vegan.

      Dave’s Gourmet Korean Food is a vegan food stand.


      NOTE: All korean joints will give you side dishes called “banchan” and some will contain fish sauce or be fish cake. Let them know you are “vegetarian” and do not eat fish or egg. The people are always happy to let me know which one is and isn’t vegan.

      +Also you can get bibimbop at pretty much any korean restaurant. Just ask for no egg and no meat. Sometimes I’ll ask them to sub tofu for the meat.

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