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    Happy Holidays !

    It’s Ashley! :)

    I am hoping to start a meet up group in L.A. Ktown ! We can discover new Korean Food trends, Share our “secret” favorite restaurants – anything and everything Korean!

    Please let me know if you are interested in exploring Ktown with me!

    George Higgins! Are you with me? I need your help again!

    Attention All who attended Maangchi’s Los Angeles meet up and all Maangchi’s readers!

    Let’s meet up!!




    Hey Ashley! You can count me in!



    Hi Ashley it’s Marie and Drew :3

    We’re totally in, just let us know when n_n


    kimchi D

    Hi! Danielle and Rice Caseñas are in (and sometimes our 9 year old, Kieran, too) so please let us know!!



    Hi everyone!

    I hope you’re having a joyful holiday season with your families and friends. I look forward to seeing all of you sometime next month! If there is a specific restaurant/cafe that you want to check out, please comment here so that we can decide on a place.

    Happy New Year!




    I’m in Long Beach and would love to go on an outing. Restaurants would be cool, but also would love to go explore KTown for some kitchen supplies! I’m away the beginning of Jan, so if there is any meetups in late Jan or Feb, I’d love to come.

    – Char



    Hi everyone! I was at the meetup and I’d love to participate. I live in Koreatown and have a few favorite spots!

    I’ll try to be more active on here. I haven’t been on the forums much!




    I would love to participate in a meet up! Please keep us posted. =-)



    Happy New Year!

    Lucky for us! Los Angeles Restaurant week 2014 is here ( Jan.20- Jan.31).

    :)) we can hopefully go to a featured restaurant with a prix-fixed menu!

    I believe they’ll be posting more restaurants as they sign up to participate.

    I saw one this morning and now i see two!Check it out – you might have an amazing experience right in your own neighborhood! It’s a great way to check out new chefs and restaurants!


    MEET UP DATE : THURSDAY NIGHT, January 30, 7:00p.m.

    we can pick from dine LA http://www.discoverlosangeles.com/

    or if anyone has ANY recommendations, let’s discuss it here!

    Let us all try to work it out so we can continue to explore our love for Korean Food together! More the merrier!

    Let us all know what your thoughts are!

    *******update: changed to January 25th – save the date -more info to follow!*******



    Tiani ! I look forward to seeing you and your umma!

    Marie! we have to celebrate!

    Hi Cheryl! my email buddy!

    Char – there is a restaurant supply store in the basement of the Galleria Market !

    I believe there is another store on Western where Maangchi purchased her claypot the last time she was in L.A.

    Delores- I hope you had a wonderful surprise party! I remember how upset you were about missing Maangchi’s meetup/potluck!



    Should we also have a Facebook event for the meetup?



    When you guys decide the event date, time, and place, please post here. Then I will link to the post from my FB page so that more people in Los Angeles area can join the meetup. It sounds fun!! : )



    Will do Maangchi! :D


    kimchi D

    I can try. Might have to bring my 9 year old though. Week nights this month are tough, but when I know more info I can say for sure. I looked at the Koreatown list and there was only 2: BCD Tofu house and M Grill. Never been to the latter but I think it said its Brazilian?

    I don’t have many suggestions at this point in time, though I know one day I want to do Dakgalbi!



    Hello Everyone!

    After receiving feedback ,we have changed our “hang-out” to Saturday , Jan.25th in Ktown.

    Please save the date and I will follow up with the info on the time and restaurant.

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