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    Hey everybody! I have a friend who makes wonderful food from her native Korea every year for a work party (Full Moon Party). This year she is having some health problems and I have been asked to host the party. She does not cook from recipes and is always harried trying to get ready right before the party. I would like to make some Korean dishes, but would like to choose dishes that I can make the day before (or even earlier and freeze) so I am not harried right before the party. Can anyone suggest some of the recipes on this website? They all look so yummy! I love all of the Korean food I have ever had/made, but don’t know anything that would be good frozen. Thanks so much in advance!



    mandu freezes well – you can make the dumplings ages ahead.

    you can make batter for kimchi/seafood whatever jeon ahead of time and fry them up right before guests arrive.

    kimchi, of course

    you can make a lot of the side dishes ahead of time

    you can marinate meat ahead of time and cook it just before

    someone else may know better/have other ideas.



    Thanks mandu! I will look at recipes for all of those.



    oops! I meant, thank you annabanana! It sure does feel like Monday!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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