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    I used to love to eat here when the older korean family owned it but have since been disappointed. The new owners (and by new owners I mean as in they bought it maybe 2 1/2 years ago) have kept a few of the same recipes but changed the menus and some of the dishes this place was known for have really gone down hill.

    However, all the main foods are still good (most visitors go for bulgogi or kalbi, both of which are very tasty) however the price is a bit higher then it once was and the service is a little more hostile then before (leave that one to having teenagers that do not want to be there working all day every day). I love the kimchi fried rice dish here and the spicy tofu stew, they always ace that.

    Stay away from the rolls here though, I really do not believe they are as fresh as they say they are as the taste tells a different story.

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