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    Small restaurant by Northern blvd and 164 st (by the LIRR station.)

    You can really taste the ‘homey-ness’ ;o) in their soups and banchan.

    Their gae jang has been in the NY Korean newspapers. It always seem to taste different for me each time I have it. But everyone raves about it as well as place advance orders for it. The chungook jang seems to have the same following.

    If you’re into kimchi-jjim (didn’t know how else to spell it, but you know what I mean to say is: the kimchi steamed? in high temperture..) you can order it with different fish or just plain. I always end up finishing my bowl of rice when I have this!

    The leek and mesclun salad served with the pork belly cooked table side wss a delicious blend of sweet and spicy. Loved it!

    Their baek sook is moist and tender. They prepare it right when you order so call ahead. It’s served steaming hot piled with leeks followed by chicken& rice jook(porridge?)

    I’ve been there countless times for dinner and can go on and on….

    There is always something different served there- just a few mom-like women doing the prep to the cooking it seems. They adjusted the level of spicyness as we requested and also happy to make suggestions. It was crowded and noisy but our table of five had a great time.

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