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    Hello, all. I was first introduced to Korean food, much against my own will. Why? I was enlisted in the army, and sent to South Korea for a year. I didnt think I would ever “get used” to the food. But now that I am back in the United States, I miss REAL South Korean food! I know the recipes I am looking for, but dont always know how to describe them. And I most certainly dont know how to properly spell them in Hongul (not sure I even spelled that right). I miss walking off base to “mom’s” She knew exactly what we all ordered when we walked into their shops :) Here is my attempt at naming my favorite foods:

    1) “Beef Bulgogui with white sticky rice”

    2) Yakki Mandu (I’m pretty sure this website is the “right” mandu)

    3) Orange citron tea (jelly-like with orange rind)

    4) sweet rice cakes

    5)…and there is a rice cake-type cookie thing we also made, but like I said, not sure how to describe it, and definatley dont know the Korean name for it. :(



    Another of my favorites is something I call “Pumpkin soup”

    If anyone has the Korean version of this recipe, please let me know? Thanks



    Hi Mommy1211,

    I lived in Korea for 10 years. My dad teaches English there and my mom is Korean. Although I’m fluent in Korean, I was never fluent with the names of food if you know what I mean. I grew up with a “don’t ask questions, just EAT” mantra that is so embedded in my brain that I still find myself doing this, haha!

    I have a few Korean cookbooks that have the pumpkin soup recipe you talked about, but the measurements are in metric form. It was harder to follow and it almost always never tasted *right* even though the books were published in Korea. I found that Maangchi’s recipes are closer to what my mom’s and aunties food tastes like so I usually stick to her ingredients and measurements (as opposed to the usual eyeballing that almost all Korean “moms” do). I’m not sure if Maangchi posted a pumpkin soup recipe, but I can try to translate a pumpkin soup recipe from one of my Korean cook books if you’d like? Or maybe my mom’s recipe? That’s if she actually TRIES to give me exact measurements for each ingredient…

    Just to make sure we’re on the same page, did your pumpkin soup look more like a puree? Almost like a butternut squash soup?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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