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    Hello Everyone ~ Annyeong Haseyo Maangchi ^ ^

    Well I have seen nearly all your videos Maangchi…

    Everyone of them looks fun to make…

    And nearly everyone of them has hot chili paste T^T.

    Why the tears..?

    I have big heart burn issues and a sensitive stomach…

    and yet I want to enjoy these! and other meals you show.

    MAANGCHI ^ ^;:

    Can you show how to make some non-spicy meals? Or

    Some foods that wont irritate a sensitive stomach too much?


    Thank You!




    This isn’t just for maangchi…if other users here know ‘safe’ meals…please let me know!



    I have posted so many non-spicy dishes. Take a look at the recipes closely.

    Cod jeon, kimbap, jobchae, radish soup, soybean side dish,

    samgyetang(gingseng chicken soup), cucumber soup(oinaengguk),potato side dish, spinach side dish, egg side dish, gyungdan (rice cake), galbijjim, bulgogi, …

    Even bibimbap recipe, I posted non spicy sauce for those who don’t like to eat hot pepper paste.

    And also you can change my recipe according to your taste.



    Maangchi has really gone out of her way to provide recipes that are acceptable to the western palate. Her recipes are not spicy from a Korean point of view. However, if by “spicy” you are talking about garlic and onions, no, you will have difficulty eating Korean foods.

    My husband has stomach issues too, but with planning and some judicious use of meds he is able to eat Kimchi soup, yukgaejang, kimchi, and any thing else I make.

    If you really have a problem with hot peppers, just leave them out an add a little more sesame oil and soy, and perhaps green onions.

    I have noted, however, that the main component of hot peppers is capsaicin, which is used in many pain killers. Stomach issues are most often caused by acidic foods like tomatoes, and not actually spices. Look at what accompanies the spice, not the spice itself.

    Before you rule out Maangchi’s recipes, try a small amount – just make sure you have some of your meds in reserve. She has posted lots of non-spicy recipes, so if you haven’t found things you can eat, look harder!



    My non-spicy kimchi recipe is here!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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