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    I was looking for Korean restaurants in North Texas and figured looking around the local H-Mart would be the best bet. I was right! I found Omi Korean Bar and Grill (2625 Old Denton Road Suite 326, Carrollton, TX 75007) and it is AMAZING! After living in South Korea for 6 months, I am very picky about my Korean food since it’s so much more expensive here.


    Omi is quite a large restaurant compared to the mom-and-pop shops i’m used to. It has a very diverse menu with great stews (best soondubujiggae i’ve ever had!) and ALL YOU CAN EAT korean bbq! For only $20 you can have unlimited bbq from samgyeopsal to LA Kalbi (definitely get this!) to chicken to many others that you cook at your own table. They also serve it with traditional egg dish and soup and a TON of amazing side-dishes (8+ sidedishes!)The only catch is your entire table has to order the bbq to get the deal.


    I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone in the DFW area and especially to those who live close to the H-Mart. The staff is very helpful and kind and will help you with the bbq if you are a first-timer. The other dishes are around $8-12, which is expected for this quality and location.


    I recently moved to Denton close to UNT campus. If anyone knows of any good Korean restaurants nearby please let me know!







    Hi Alison!

    I live in Denton too! I actually go to TWU! Czen is a small korean restaurant located in Denton and VERY CLOSE TO UNT (408 N Texas Blvd

    Denton, TX 76201). It’s kind of hard to find but worth the trip. They’re actually a franchise of Czen in Hmart grocery store. The food is pretty good and affordable for the student budget! There are other places in Carrollton that are pretty good but I’ll have to get the names of them from friends.

    Hope it helps!



    WD Smoke BBQ in the H-Mart shopping plaza is also very good. I love there Nakji Bokkeum with Somen and the Soondae Bokkeum.

    Chicken House Restaurant has good Dakgalbi.

    Tree House Restaurant off Royal used to be good. But the last two times were not even close to the same.

    Korea House on Royal has always been good but expensive.

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