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    I would love to see a tutorial on how to make and preserve Pickled Daikon.

    I tried this when I went to a korean restaurant in Auckland, New Zealand (where I live) on my birthday! That was the very first time I had bee to a korean restaurant.

    There was one particular side dish that we all noticed and discussed. It was the Pickled Daikon! Served first with ground beef (we call it mince in NZ) and sesame or lettuce leaf which we would wrap up (apparently it is a famous starter dish in Korea) and eat it, this dish was called 'Bulgogi-Ssam'!

    The second dish to come out was again Pickled Daikon wrapped around vegetables like bean sprouts & capsicum, and it was served with peanut butter on the side. An interesting but surprising delicious combination!

    Later when our side condiments came out to go nicely with our raw meats, ready to BBQ, the Pickled Daikon arrived. I found it very delicious because of its sweet and tart flavour which I would love to make for myself!

    I am not a good researcher and I haven't found much on the internet to make this so I would love to see a recipe or tutorial on how to make this thinly sliced, vinegarish, vegetable!

    Please note this is not a yellow radish but it was white in colour and thinly sliced. It would be at least 7cm/2.7'' in diameter and was used mainly to wrap up meat within a lettuce leaf!

    [attachment=3607,244] [attachment=3607,245]



    My yellow pickled daikon recipe is here! https://www.maangchi.com/recipe/danmuji

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