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      ive always wanted to try how korean Pizza Bread taste like

      the contrast of the american pizza to individual pizza bread

      the small pizza that i saw at Life Experience with KARA on youtube made me want to try it

      can u please make a vedio on how to make it

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      It’s basically bread with vegetables like onions, sweet american corn, hotdog sausage cut into little pieces – they are sometimes mixed in with some mayonaisse. Then it is covered with mozarella cheese and ketchup is squirted on top :)

      if you look here, you can see the picture on how they make it.

      Directions: (Follow along with the pictures from the link and my instructions!

      1. Dice 1/2 onion, 1/2 carrot, 1/2 paprika into small pieces as shown.

      2. Cut up 2-3 hot dog sausages into little bite size pieces and have a cup of corn ready.

      3. Put them all in a pan with a little vegetable oil, and stir fry it lightly – 1-2 minutes just to get some water out of them.

      4. Get 3-4 cups of flour and mix it with the following ingredients – 1/2 TBS of baking powder/soda, 2/3 TSP of dry yeast, 1 TSP of salt, 2/3 TSP of sugar. Mix well.

      5. Crack one egg and alittle bit of milk into the batter so it becomes a moist ball as in the picture. (they didnt really specify how much milk so try your best to not get it too soggy.. Knead well.

      6. After kneading, put a few drops of olive oil into the batter and knead another 5 minutes.

      7. When the batter is ready, cut into 3-4 evenly sized pieces and cover the bowl with clear wrap and ferment the bread in a warm place for 30-40 minutes. (It says they put it in a rice cooker in “Keep Warm” state.

      8. After fermenting, it should become double the size! WOOT! (go baking soda)!

      9. Get a roller and roll out the batter to take the air out of it. After doing so, put some mayonnaise on the top of the circled out batter and place some of the stir fried veggies and sausage on the bread.

      10. Then squirt some ketchup and more mayo on the bread. Sprinkle some pizza cheese on top and some parsley (optional)

      11. Preheat your oven to 180 Celcius/356 Farenheight and bake it for 15-20 minutes

      Viola!!! ENJOY! :D

      Alot of mayo makes it very good (although its bad for u) :p~

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      hope you read this.. it took me long to translate this :(

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      thank you for the recipe. wow, cant believe u translated it.

      thats was really really nice of you.

      even if brnxandy didnt read it.. I’m sure others like myself have read it.

      thanks again~~

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      Hi koralex…
      Thanks for sharing nice recipe …its sounds really very yummy …keep more and more recipes like this ….

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      You are super! Your time and effort to translate the recipe is tremendously appreciated!

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      thnx for translating the recipe! i’m going to try making the pizza bread tmr, will post pics if they turn out alright :)

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      This looked good and seemed easy to make so I whipped up a batch last weekend. My wife and I both loved them! The dough cooks up thick and soft and the ketchup adds a nice tang. Too bad I forgot the onions since they would have added another dimension of flavor.

      There was enough dough for 8 hand sized pizzas. My pizzas and presentation aren't as pretty as the images linked in the recipe above but they were tasty.

      Thank you koralex90 for taking the time to translate the recipe.


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      My sausage ppang aka pizza bread recipe was posted!

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      Looks tasty!

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      That looks amazing.
      Thank you for this recipe and I will cook it today. I think it is so simple to cook but the taste of it great. I like that you can make it from all types of ingredients which you love.

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      I use a heavy half sheet pan with some olive oil. The pizza bakes in seven minutes using store bough dough. I also roast the vegetables that go on the pizza to dehydrate and get most of the water out of them. It works great for the onions, peppers and mushrooms. This way you don’t get any water coming out of them on top of the pizza. Also by getting out most of the water will give a better and my true taste to the vegetable. That’s my pizza bread recipe and also thanks koralex90.

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      John f

      That’s looks so delicious and tasty I want to make it but iam worried because I have never cooked pizza bread before, but I will definitely try it at home

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      This looks delicious. Thanks For Sharing.

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