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      15 W 32nd St

      2nd Fl

      New York, NY 10001

      (212) 279-1874

      I’ve been meaning to write about this one for a while now. It’s one of my favorite places to drink in town, and especially when I’m in a Korean mood. It reminds me of a student drinking bar in Korea – full of kids, cheap drinks, creative decor, everyone in a good mood.

      The menu is actually pretty good, but everyone wants the budaechigae. I’m not a huge fan of the stuff myself, but I will get a pot of it to get into the spirit of things.


      Their other specialty is a watermelon hollowed out, then filled with soju and watermelon innards.


      The prices are reasonable, the place is open late, and they also have makkoli.

      Check it out! And give me a call on the way, I’ll see you there.

      (photos from roboppy and ghosty)

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      I love this place! We went to this restaurant for my birthday last year before heading to karaoke. it’s perfect for large groups and the food is really good!

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      I definitely gonna try this place sometime soon

      thanks for the post

      definitely will do the watermelon hollow

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      I never been in NY but I heard if you really looking for a nice Korean foods, Stanford is best place for you.

      Love the watermelon.. very tasty! kosher new york

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