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    I have always used good old Three Crabs fish sauce for my kimchi, and it is good. But there’s a certain flavor in a commercial kimchi I get (from Kimchi Pride Co.) that lists anchovy sauce as an ingredient.

    And just like fish sauce, there are as many selections as stars in the sky.

    So does anyone here use anchovy sauce, and if so, what is your preferred brand?

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    I used to always use regular Fish sauce in my kimchi until I moved to a place without easy access to Asian Grocery stores. It was at that point when I discovered the miracle that is Worcestershire sauce kimchi. Using a really good, authentic Worcestershire gives my kimchi a really rich, fermented flavor, although it does darken the color a bit and you need to use a little extra salt.

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    I switched from Blue Dragon to Squid brand Thai fish sauce to using Chung Jung One’s Korean anchovy sauce after I got some as a gift. It has a sweeter flavour compared to Squid and doesn’t have as strong a smell (smell of the kimchi has also been a bit milder too). I’ve never used 3 Crabs so I can’t compare directly though.

    Chung Jung One comes (plastic bottle with a blue and gold label) is the only Korean brand I’ve been able to even find in the UK. It’s also the same brand as the commercial kimchi I sometimes buy and does give a similar flavour.

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    John in Baton Rouge

    I use 3 crab. And it’s always been my understanding that fish sauce is generally made from anchovy.

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    I normally get 3 crabs but its actually pretty low on the scale of a quality fish sauce.

    Red Boat 40N is fantastic. Its just salt, water and anchovies

    MegaChef 30N is very good for a cheaper option but it does contain sugar too.

    Tiparos is about the best tasting budget fish sauce ive tried.

    Get the Red Boat 40N if you use fish sauce for things besides just kimchi and ferments. Its excellent.

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    John in Baton Rouge

    I’ve been researching this Red Boat ever since I read your post and I’m seriously thinking of buying a 2 liter from the company’s website for $35 including shipping. 2 liter would last a long long time. It’s good for 3 years… sounds awesome.

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    I think you will find its a tiny bit less salty but stronger in flavor. I would advise making adjustments if you are used to using 3 Crabs or Squid brands.

    The MegaChef is aged 2 years. Like i said it has a little sugar added but thats it. To me its a little smoother/milder than Red Boat but the flavor is still very very good.

    Either is killer for curries that need a dash of fish sauce.

    Today im making Kakkdugi with daikon and white turnip but first i need to run upto the market. Premium quality fish and soy sauce are on the list.

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    My Mother-in-Law likes to use cloudy fish sauce. This is the one that is in our fridge.


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