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      I have bought three bottle of fish sauce instead of soy sauce. :||
      Now I don’t know which foods best to use fish sauce with it.
      I will be thanks to help me

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      You didn’t remember what was in it except potatoes?

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      You can always use it for making kimchi.

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      I usually use it for kimchi as well (especially Maangchi’s buchu-kimchi recipe!), but also you can add a little bit to any savory dish to bump up the flavor. If you just use a couple of dashes in a larger dish, it won’t taste of fish at all, it’ll just seem richer – like adding an anchovy into pasta sauce, or a little bit of coffee in a chocolate cake! Just use a little bit less salt in whatever dish it is, since the fish sauce will be pretty salty.

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      No, No, 3 bottles of fish sauce are not a problem :)
      A lot of Korean recipes here use fish sauce, the 3 bottles won’t last too long if you often make Maangchi’s recipes.
      And if you want to use it with other recipes try Vietnamese or Thaï cuisine, fish sauce (nuoc mam) is a stapple ingredient of each one! (dipping sauce for nems, bahn cuon, loc-lac, nahm prik, som tam, tom yum, etc etc)

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      If you like Thai/Malay/Indo style curries just add some fish sauce to Korean style curry too. Ive used it with some coconut milk when using the Ottogi curry powders.

      I use it in kimchi stews, noodle soups and ramyun sometimes also. A lot depends on the brand of fish sauce. I only buy good fish sauce like Redboat, New Town 60n and MegaChef.

      Redboat and New Town are great for almost anything but expensive. Megachef is sweeter but works depending on the food. Its more of a Thai style fish sauce.

      Cheap fish sauce i only use in kimchi and only when im low on good fish sauce.

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