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      I decided to try and make the soybean sprouts side dish. I couldn’t find the actual soybean sprouts so I got mung bean sprouts. Now my question is; Is it possible to burn the bean sprouts when you are boiling them? I think I might have done that? I thought they smelled a bit funny after boiling them. They tasted okay, I guess. I have never cooked bean sprouts before, so I don’t know what they are like if they are burnt. I also don’t know what rotten ones look like to pick out when cleaning them.

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      Maybe you forgot to pour a little water into the pot before boiling the mung bean sprouts?

      Check out how I cook the soybean sprouts in this video:

      I hope it helps!

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      I did pour a little bit of water. I thought maybe it was possible to boil them for too long? I lost track of how long I was boiling them! lol.

      Thank you though.

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