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    Hi Maangchi!

    Love your recipes, however I wonder if you could tell me what I’m doin wrong. My radish seems to yield some bitterness & do not taste like the kind I eat at the local Korean restaurants.

    Btw I tried making oisabagi & it was a success. Thanks for making your recipes easy to follow.





    How did your fermentation process go? Did it ferment vigorously (lots of bubbles) or not much at all? If it doesn't ferment well, it may turn out like that. Fermentation produces carbon dioxide gas (CO2) which keeps contaminents out that wuld cause your kkakdugi to go bad instead of good. Also, I assume that it was not very old, right? If it sits too long and keeps fermenting, it might also taste more bitter or like alchohol. Kind of similar to brewing beer which I do as well.

    I've only made kkakdugi once, but based on feedback from my Korean friends, it turned out pretty good. I followed Maangchi's recipe pretty closely. After putting the kkakdugi into 3 Mason jars I put 1 in the fridge and 2 on the counter. After 2 days the lids of the ones on the counter started to bulge so I put them in the fridge too. I gave away the last bit 2 weeks ago to my sister-in-law's coworker's Korean wife and she gave good compliments on it. So it was good for 2 months in the fridge with no bitterness.

    The only other thing I can think of is could any of the radishes have been bad from the get-go? I hope this was helpful in some way.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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