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      i just made rainbow rice cake today but it didnt turn out right…my cake stay as flour as it’s and i have a question. Would it be okay to buy rice flour on the counter instead of frozen one?? i know in the reciept it said frozen rice flour…,

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      I’m sorry to hear about your failure to make good mujigaeddeok.

      You have to use rice flour which is soaked overnight and ground finely. Normal rice flour (dried)won’t be cooked properly even though you steam it for hours and hours.

      The package of frozen rice flour sold at a Korean grocery store in North America is pre-soaked and ground.The rice flour is wet, so it has to be kept in the freezer. Otherwise it will go bad easily.

      So if you want, make your own wet rice flour!

      Check the photos of mujigaeddeok photos made by my other readers on the recipe. I like to encourage you to try it again.


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