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      Hi all,

      I wanted to know what restaurants use to make the dol sot bibimbap sauce. It looks rather liquidy compared to the paste-like gochujang I’ve bought. Do they only add sesame oil to the gochujang?

      Also, what’s a good gochujang brand that you like? Pictures would be helpful since I cannot read :P


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      It depends on the restaurant must yangnyum gochujang sauces have things like soy sauce and sesame oil to thin it out because straightup gochujang is really thick and kindasticky.If the gochujang is really liquidy i would guess thatit has some kind of inexpenisve liquid filer like soy sauce, water or vinegar or something to make it go further..

      I like the Assi brand,the label is in both english and korean :)

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