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      Hi there Maangchi,

      Would you possibly consider making a video of you making Sae-U-Jeot for us all please? It is an ingredient that is VERY difficult to get hold of here in the UK and I would love to take my Kimchi making to the next level and be able to include it in future batches that I make.

      Also, are you considering coming to the UK at all in the near future ? You have an army of devoted fans here just waiting to welcome you with open arms. We would love to have the opportunity to meet you sometime and all enjoy the amazing food that you have been so kind as to show us how to make.

      Best regards,

      Bagpuss (Jamie) x x x x I have attached a picture of Bagpuss who is a childrens TV character from my childhood and where I got my nickname. (He is the pink and white cat, not the woodpecker LOL )

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