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    Hi there!

    I have quick question: which korean food is REALLY safe for vegetarians to eat?

    In two weeks I am going out to eat korean food with two of my friends who are vegetarians. One of them eats fish and seafood but the other girls doesn’t want to eat any products made of fish or seafood either.

    We found out that even for kimchi fish sauce is used most of the time. That would be a real no go for the second girl.

    I am a bit worried now that she won’t find anything that she can eat when we go.

    So any tipps which is really ok for a vegetarian that doesn’t want any animal products in her food?

    I want to check the restaurants beforehand so I can help her and also choose which is the best for us to go to.

    Thanks in advance



    Hi Rinidoitso,

    Meat is something special in Korea. Therefore, you’ll find it in very small amounts – but in nearly every meal!

    Just ask the people at the restaurant, the meals are always prepared fresh in any good place – I’m sure you can order e. g. beosot chongol (several kinds of mushrooms) without meat. Or puchimgae (pancakes with Korean chives). Fried vegetables. Vegetarian mandu. Vegetables in soy-sauce. Rice! ;-)

    If you are lucky, you have a Korean restaurant nearby that serves temple-food – and that’s always strictly vegetarian and non-spicy.

    Bye, sanne.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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