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      I was at the store a few days ago and came across “seaweed jelly” in the refrigerated section by the seaweed stems and the brown stuff you put in “yook-gae-jang”, and I realized that this was the food I ate in a restaurant a long time ago and had a very crunchy, and light texture. I asked about this dish a while ago, and I’m very excited to have found what it was made out of!

      I wasn’t THAT excited to buy it, since I have no idea if I can eat it raw, or if I need to put some soy sauce/sesame oil in it. I also had some doubts as to the texture of the seaweed jelly (it might not be the crunchy, light noodle that I am thinking of).

      Has anyone tried this seaweed jelly before? Does anyone know whether or not the seaweed jelly is crunchy at all?

      Dearest Maangchi, if you know how to make this dish, please consider sharing this recipe with us! It’s very good (if I remember correctly) and seems very simple. Thanks <3

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      I don’t know what dish you are talking about. Seaweed jelly?

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      Maangchi, I think hopish was refeering to 천사채, aka CheonSaChae, aka seaweed jelly.

      I also am very interested in recipes with seaweed jelly because it could really help someone in a diet (like me) due to its low caloric content.

      Please revolutionize the seaweed jelly world maagchi!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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