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    It’s really hard to find sesame oil in the supermarkets in my country but I saw a Sesame and sweet soy sauce. Is it okay to use it like sesame oil? It contains it



    I think its different. Pure sesame oil has this distinct smell and strong flavor that I don’t think can be recreated by a [soy sauce] that is [flavored with sesame].

    I can’t quite explain it here – but you’ll know it when you incorporate it in your meals. Which recipe do you need it for? If a recipe calls for it, then I guess we can ask Maangchi (or our other fellow readers) for a good alternative just for that specific recipe – I suggest you search high and low for a korean store that sells it — I always have sesame oil in our kitchen because I super love the flavor. I always pour it on top of my kimchi and almost everything I eat :)) – Maangchi has turned me into a Korean food fan :))



    There are 2 types of sesame oil: roasted (or toasted) sesame oil or raw sesame oil. Roasted sesame oil has nutty flavor, so it’s used in Korean cuisine.




    Perhaps you can order it online and have it shipped. It lasts a long time and doesn’t need refrigeration.

    I found two online shops that appear to ship to Portugal:

    The above links are for product info as well as international shipping info.

    Good luck,



    John in Baton Rouge

    While we’re on this topic, I have to say I LOVE sesame oil! LOL! I know it’s probably not healthy to do so but I use about 3 times as much as Maangchi uses in her food… along with toasted black sesame seeds. YUM! Real love to drizzle my kimchi with sesame oil and sprinkle on sesame seeds. I go through so much sesame oil! Love love love the rich, nutty flavor!

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