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    Hi Maangchi!

    Just wanted to say how happy I am to have found your website which I came accross through Facebook.

    I am a Korean-American living in Orange County, CA. I have always like cooking but never found very many recipes in English. I have quite a few cook books in Korean but the recipes never come out right.

    Since learning about your site, I have made Kalbi jjim for my daughter’s 2nd birthday party, the spicy ojing-euh, oh-ee jjang-ah-chee, ssam-jang, bae-choo dwen-jang jji-gae, spicy tofu and some other banchan and every one of them came out great and very tasty! I even got a compliment or two from my mother in law.

    Thank you for all that you do! My family (kids and husband) really have been enjoying the home cooked meals.




    Jean, awesome! Do you know about my upcoming meetup at a restaurant in Buena Park, CA? If you can come, please email me at [email protected]. So far about 30 ppl have confirmed their coming! It’ll be fun!



    Hi Maangchi :) I would like to thank you for making this absolutely fantastic site. I came across this site while browsing for Kimchi recipe. I am totally crazy about Kimchi not only because it is superbly yummy but it is also very healthy. But the thing is..the price of good Kimchi in the stores are high. I mean it’s rather insane lol even more pricey than a bowl of Dolsot -_- so I reckon I just gotta stop buying and start making. I just finished making it and my 4,5yo daughter put her finger in the jar to taste the paste and said “Mi, it’s real hot but it’s very yummy” I asked her whether it taste better than the one in the plastic bag and she giggled saying DEFINITELY :D oh that is so rewarding..

    Oh if only i had found your site sooner..i could’ve saved lotsa money lol :D

    Anyhow..thank you..thank YOU!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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