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      Participant name is fefe n i am from kuala lumpur..a few weeks ago, me and my husband went to the mines mall in Kl. When we were food hunting in the mall, we discovered an urban korean restaurant called du buyo..i’ve never tasted korean food before so i asked my husband to try it out..we ordered a set of two..which is consists of purple rice with clear soup,chicken bulgogi, seafood soondubu jjigae, banchan, two desserts of tofu with sweet ginger (i dont know what it’s called) and iced barley. The first experience was unbelievable..everything was superb especially soondubu jjigae..i think i’m in love with it..i’m trying to make one..but the problem is i find it hard to get the correct ingredients..i’ve been to a few places to find these ingredients and again this evening i went to buy seaweed and red pepper flakes at the Sunway Pyramid, after got home i googled it and i found out i got the wrong item. I mistaken bidan red pepper powder with gochugaru and as for seaweed i got nori seaweed, which is for making sushi..So dream to make soondubu jjigae is still on hold..

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