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      Could someone come up with an easy recipe for raman seasoning? Something that’s about the same spiciness and similar flavor to Shim Raman, the favorite at most grocery stores in the asian food isle.

      I basically want to be able to use the seasoning with the cheap American raman noodles they stock in mass quantities on the soup aisle.

      I have to be able to get the ingredients from Amazon. Although I have lots and lots of Korean chili powder.

      Right now, any Korean raman priced at $3.99 is perma sold out, and only the $7.99 packages are available, and it’s hard to even find those most of the time. Franks, it’s a hard sell for me to want to buy more than a single package at $7.99, but I did buy one the other day. Even $3.99 is pricey compared to the American raman noodles.

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      BTW i make it often just using the same basic dashi base as kimchi guk or kimchi jjigae. Its far better than the kimchi ramyuns ive tried.

      Dashi stock
      A little kimchi with juice
      Gochugaru and salt to taste
      Green onion
      Splash of good fish sauce or soup soy sauce if vegan.
      Meat or seafood optional but i love it with, shrimp, fish cakes or fish balls. Leftover cooked pork is also really good in it.

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      Do you like curry?. Ive got some really good and easy ways to make a curry ramen. You just need a curry paste and coconut milk. Its a common type of noodle soup in Singapore and parts of Malaysia.

      Thai tom yum base also work great for a ramen. Its spicy and sour with hints of lime/lemon grass.

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      To be honest Amazon is pretty expensive on some specialty items. I get gochugaru locally for about 1/3rd the price just as one example.

      A simple ramen powder mix would be something like a dashi/dashida stock powder, pepper powder, onion powder, garlic powder and dehydrated green onion which is crazy expensive. You can make your own really cheap. Very easy to grow and dry green onions.

      Assi seafood stock powder isnt too bad. Not quite a dashi powder but a little less sodium. They only have the clam stock atm on Amazon.

      Assi beef stock powder

      Better Than Bullion is another option. The beef and chicken are quite good. They do have a seafood flavor or two. Must refrigerate after opening but it will keep a long time.

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