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    Hi Maangchi!!

    I love your website. It is my go-to for Korean cooking and your recipes are wonderful.

    I recently visited New York City and ate dinner in Korea town. My fiance and I had some spicy galbi jjim. We both loved it and are wanting to try our hand at it at home.

    I can make galbi jjim and I know how to make dduk poki – do I just combine the two dishes when they’re done? That kind of how it looked and tasted but I have no idea. There are no recipes online to give me details.

    Any suggestions?



    Hmmm, sounds like the restaurant’s special recipe! Maybe add kochujang to the braising liquid of the Kalbijim recipe? You might have to add more water in that case.



    Yes, I was thinking of that, too. I guess I should have elaborated though. The spicy galbi jjim we had also included odeng and dduk (the tubes, not ovals) so it was very much like dduk boki but with the galbi ribs incorporated. Very unusual and delicious dish.

    I’ll try my original plan of making both dishes separately and post how it turns out.




    The restaurant may have invented their own version, but super-spicy galbijjim is a specialty of Daegu, a town in southeastern Korea. I’ve never had it, but perhaps that’s what you had?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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