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    Hi Everybody~

    I just went to Korean Market to buy some perilla seeds powder to make Gamjatang and I found this ingredient (see pic below). I tried to match it with other Maangchi's ingredients in the web but still don't know what is this.. (i'm guessing maybe this is kong garu, but the hangul is different) I just can read the last two characters, "Ga Ru" hahahahaha ^^. maybe I should start taking korean language lesson..

    Thank You~




    It’s different from roasted soybean powder.

    미숫가루or 미수가루 is pronounced misu garu. it’s made from multi-grains such as rice, brown rice, barley, soybeans, etc. You can make your drink with this powder. Add 3-5 tbs misu garu, sugar, and water to a large glass, then stir it well and drink. Some people eat this as snack or for breakfast.



    Hi everyone, I was wondering is it possible to make my own misugaru powder? Any recipe? Thanks



    Hey MYxHelle,
    This is a really late response. But I wanted to share my research. I’m trying to make some homemade protein powder so I thought of 미수가루, naturally. I grew up drinking this in my milk as a child.

    The ingredients are :
    Black bean, Black or white rice, Brown rice, barley, black or regular sesame, sweet rice.

    Soak all the ingredients (I would suggest overnight). Then drain the ingredients and roast in a wok (that’s how my mom would do it) on low heat. Then stir occasionally ’til the ingredients are roasted. You could put it in the oven but I’ve never tried that personally.

    When the ingredients are all roasted and cooled, put it in the blender and grind til smooth.

    I got this recipe from the following websites. But they’re all in Korean so just use the pictures as a reference.





    ha ha ha … so you are in a fix….

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