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    Someone asked what banchans I made recently, which got me thinking about what’s in my fridge. I know that when non-Asian friends come over, they always go straight to my fridge first, blurting out “what do you have in your fridge?” while walking towards it. Then they just stand there for a few minutes, browsing all the foreign ingredients like a kid in a candy store.

    Which is not to say that I don’t do the same to them. I do. Baking fascinates me, and I find it a constant marvel that they have endless amounts of dairy products in their fridges…none of which taste like kimchi. I’ll happily nosh away on a piece of cheddar in the same way my friend will munch on some anchovies from my fridge, all the while peering towards the back to see what treasures remain yet to be discovered.

    So that got me thinking about what’s in your fridges as well. We have such a diverse group. It’d be interesting to see what lies in refridgerators from other countries or lifestyles. So if you want to, post pictures or (preferably, so we don’t clog Maanchi’s website) links and show us what you got.

    Here’s mine (both fridge and freezer):

    Side door is stocked with spices and sauces. Hot pepper, dashida, soba sauce, and kewpie mayo just to name a few.


    Freezer section holds the bulk of what I cook with. Mostly seafood and frozen prepared items. My one weakness (MC chicken pot pie) is shown here: so good but soooo fattening. Big ziplock holds blanched cabbage that I dole out for various miso soups. Two containers to the bottom right hold some brisket and turnip soup and soybean soup. Right now I’m stocked full with seafood. Frozen sea snail, crab, pompano, salted croaker, and shrimp make up the bulk of it, though the occasional chicken will pop up, and I always keep some beef brisket on hand.


    long-term storage of spices are done in the freezer. Some homemade hot pepper flakes my mom recently bought for me, my anchovy teabags, dried anchovy, and supply of thai bird chilies (which freeze very well). And that lone little box of baking soda that struggles in vain to keep everything from smelling like kimchi.


    Bottom shelf: miso pastes, tofu, and eggs. Middle shelf: kimchi, stir-fries, black bean paste, and a couple of banchan. The cotton mesh bag holds kirby cucumbers, which I plan on making into Korean salt pickles, using Maangchi’s recipe. Top shelf: corn tea, the bulk of my banchans and some more kimchi.




    Thank you very much for showing us what you have in your refrigerator. The stuff in your freezer reminds me of what’s in my freezer. My friends also like to look in my refrigerator!

    : )



    Thanks for sharing. i really appreciate great pictures that you shared with us

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